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District: 3292, Club Number: 29915

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Welcome to Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

What would it take to change the world? Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.

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Initiation in Sustainable Immunization

Rotary Club of Kathmandu North
Initiation in
Sustainable Immunization
Financing for Nepal


Rotary Club of Kathmandu North Chartered on Dec 29, 1993 has widely participated in heath service activates. The club has been organizing regular dental problem in community and Balmandir students (around 16000 students ) and so on in association of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Dental college , Rotaract club of Kathmandu Medical College and Rotaract Club of Reliance College.
Club's immunization Financing Fund set up immunization activities are focused where the club organized intercity meeting in soaltee Hotel in April 2009 on the subject " Immunization Financing" and a rally for pneumonia awareness in May 1010 with great success.
Our country Nepal has always lacking fund for financing various vaccines to be provided to children of Nepal resulting a lot of diseases to children of Nepal as we have been facing for decades . a set of vaccines costs USD 24 but Government of Nepal has been able to impact on the better supply of vaccine to the children of Nepal .
Rotary club of Kathmandu North  (HO sangrila Hotel )  has initialed steps to collect fund for such deficit by setting up an immunization funs by putting seed money 162 thousand 2 years back in 2010 after a workshop at soaltee in support of Unicef and Sabbin Vaccine Institute .

Form our initiation. Government has initiated to formulate law relating to managing such funding and drafting relating policies.
Workshop held on " Sustainable immunization Financing : Role of Citi society Organizations " on Sunday , 20 November 2011 at Hotel Yak & Yeti , Kathmandu , Nepal now again Rotary Club of Kathmandu Kathmandu Sangrila in support of Unicef institute has organized a seminar on snday 20th Nov 2011 person participated from potarian including PDG Tirtha Mn Vydhya , Lion , auanicef, Sabbin  Vaccine institute , WHO, Ministry of health , Ministry alleviation Fund , FNCCI , CNI AND THE BANKERS AND CORPORATE . PP
Ram Prasad Bhandari of Rotary Club of Kathmandu North and Health Committee Chair Rotary District , Dr. shyam raj Upreti , Director MoHP Vidhyadhar Mallik : Vice – president of Poverty Alleviation Fund of GON Nepal , Dr. Mike MCquestion from sabbin Vaccin Institute , Ram Singh lyer from om shanty Brahmakumari raj Yog , Lioon lAamsal , Multiple Lions Council , Chairperson , Dr. Paulon Frank , Acting WHO Reprentation Nepal , Dr. Will parks , UNICEF Deputy Representative , Lion Bharat Dhungel , Governor
Lion District 325A , Lion Raj Kumar Shrestha . Governor Lion District 325B Chartered President of Rotary Club of Kathmandu North , Rotarian Dr. Tika Mn Vaidhya, First and Past District Governor, Rotary District 3292 Presented and expresses and issues, on immunization Financing for Nepal .
This initiation is appraised internationally as a different mission of Rotary in general health up gradation through setting up immunization financing fund .

Rotarians, Lions, Janata Bank and many participants pledged for financial contribution to the immunization fund to be handed over to Government of Nepal as seed money. Dr. sudhir Khanal and Dr. Gyawali have played vital role as coordinator between Rotary. Lions and Government and other development agencies'. The workshop was ended with Fellowship diner.

Club Profile


Club's Name:  

Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

Club Address: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Club Number: 29915
District Number: 3292
Chartered on: 29 Dec 1993
President: Rtn. Bal Ram Rai 
Secretary: Rtn. Ganesh Prasad Poudel
Meeting venue: Hotel Sangrila
Meeting day: Every Sunday, 5:30 PM (Winter), 4:30 PM (Summer)
Total Member: 37
Partner in Service: Rotract club of Kathmandu North, Rotract club of Kathmandu Medical College, Rotract club of Reliance College, Rotract club of Kantipur Dental College,Interact club of Budhanilikantha, RCC Sundarijal kathmanu, RCC Chapakot Syanja


1. RCKN was chartered on 29th Dec, 1993, as a member of Rotary International (RI) and its charter presentation ceremony was organized on 8th May,1994. RCKN was formed with 25 members including a female member, led by the Charter President (CP)Shyam Bahadur Pandey, Chairman of Hotel Shangri-la. RCKN was sponsored by RC Kathmandu, the pioneer Rotary Club of Nepal, which was formed on 13th,April 1959. Past District Governor( PDG ) Rotarian (Rtn) Themas Manekshaw was assigned as the Governor's Special Representative to guide for smooth functioning of the club in the
initial years. According to the record this club was the 9th club formed in Nepal and the fifth club formed in Kathmandu valley.

2. The name of this club was adopted Kathmandu North because there were no other Rotary Clubs north from central Kathmandu back then. Also, all of the founding members of this club were residents of Lazimpat and Maharajganj area.

3. RCKN designed its banner depicting the unique sixth century stone sculpture of sleeping Lord Vishnu “Budhanilkantha” on its foreground under the majestic Himalayans Range (abode of snow), to signify the universal symbol of peace, progress and prosperity.

4. RCKN was founded at a time when Rotary was known to very few and the service activities of Rotary were also limited. According to the Charter President Rtn Shyam, there were groups of professionals and business persons who were inclined towards social service. These individuals were making efforts to form more Rotary clubs around Nepal in order to expand the service oriented activities and extend fellowship base of professional acquaintances. CP Rtn Shyam gives credit to one of his friends, veteran Rotarian Kamal Mani Dixit, who encouraged him to form a Rotary club by organizing meetings with like-minded friends residing in Lazimpat and Maharajganj. CP Rtn Shyam also wishes to remember one of his close friends,Late Dilli Raj Upreti who
worked diligently for organizing working meetings with prospective members in the process of forming this club and finally RCKN became a member of Rotary International ( RI ) having the motto " Service Above Self ".

5. In the initial years of its formation, RCKN extended its support to Sri Ram Primary School and Dhurba Tara Primary School, both located in the villages of
Budhanilkantha area. The support was provided to construct class rooms and toilets. One of the notable community service activities of this club is the construction of bus stands on either side of Dhapasi, Chakrapath (Kathmandu Ring road).

6. The most remarkable service activity of this club has been the successful initiative of acquiring a 3-H Grant from the RI in partnership with other clubs in March 1996. Rotary International approved the first 3-H (Health Hunger and Humanity) Grant for Nepal (one of the 11 approved projects out of 138 applicants) worth of US $ 3, 70,000 to provide Radiotherapy Cobalt 60 Tele Therapy Machine to Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital on the request of Nepal Cancer Relief Society (NCRS), Govt. of Nepal contributed Rs: 5.5 Million and NCRS raised 2.5 Million to construct a new building with bunker for the Radiotherapy machine. The new department was inaugurated on October 8, 1999 by the late King Birendra. In 2004 a Rotary Walkathon was organized to collect fund to make
up for treatment of destitute cancer patient and raised Rs 3 million. The fund has been awarded to the hospital to provide free treatment to 200 destitute cancer patients every year. Till date the facility is continuing. All this effort was the initiative of Rtn. Dr. Bibek Bahadur Pradhan from the Rotary Club of Mansfield UK, who had proposed for this project with Rotary clubs of Nepal and the Rotary Foundation. The seed money of US $  5,000 was contributed by the 5 Rotary Clubs of Kathmandu valley (1 Thousand each),when there were : Rotary Club of Kathmandu, Rotary Club of Patan, Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid Town, Rotary Club of Kathmandu North and Rotary Club of Patan West.

7. In 1999, RCKN contributed an ambulance to the Maharajganj Community Service Centre and the ambulance was used by that community for 7 years. In 2007, that ambulance was donated to Budhebare ,Jhapa based Mother's Group, where it is reported to be operating well.

8. In 2003,in conjunction with the support from RI International Humanitarian GrantNo 20641 and World Community Service, RC of Tiel, the Netherlands and donation from the Netherlands, RCKN was involved to equip the Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Department with medical equipment and materials and provide medical services to the patience with orthopedic problems at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. This US $ 80000/ worth project also included Rotary Volunteers Services and 6 month long scholarship to an Orthopedic doctor for the postgraduate training in Europe and 6 weeks long scholarship to three orthopedic nurses for training in the Netherlands.

9. In 2004, MG # 0423051, International Partner RC Sutton Coldfield, England, District-1060, MG Amount USD 15,939.00. The project helped set up a library, science and computer labs at Pegasus English School located in Jorpati VDC,Kathmandu.

10. In 2005-06, MG#51049 International Partner RC of Remuera, Newzealand, District- 1065, MG Amount USD 15035.94.The project was focused to provide
scholarship to young Sherpas for various vocational trainings useful in the community. On behalf of the host club RCKN, Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation contributed USD 731.94 to match for TRF Grant allocation.

11. In 2006-07,in partnership and support from Action Aid Nepal, the club has provided physiotherapy equipments and accessories worth Rs 3,70,000.00 to the Jeevan Kalyan Kendra, located at Kalanki, Kathmandu, which provides trainings and rehabilitation to the mentally and physically challenged young children.

12. In 2007-08 the club supported to add 3 more class rooms in Ishwori Primary School, situated in the remote hilly area of Sundarijal, with the financial support of Rs 350,000/from RC Salt Lake City, Utah,Rs 80,000/ from the club and about Rs 100,000/ worth of materials and labour from the local people/club and Rotary Community Corps, Sundarijal . Those additional rooms helped the school to elevate it to middle school level, allowing younger students to continue studying up to class 8 in their own locality. In 2013-14, 2 more rooms have been added to facilitate for Library and Computer class. For construction of those rooms , financial support of Rs 200,000/ from RC Jackson Heights,NY, Rs 100,000/ from Rtn Bir Bahadur Tamang and Rs 100,000/ from other
members of the club was received. During construction of the 2 rooms, and for painting of the whole 5 rooms of the school, Rotoracts and students of Reliance International Academy provided physical and material support.

13. In RY 2007-08, MG # ,International Partner RC of Ahrensburg, Germany, District- 1890, MG Amount- USD 31,000.00.The project was aimed to purchase an
ambulance for the benefit of the Children-at-Risks of Nepal at Charity ( Agape) Nepal, asubsidiary charity organization of Agape Germany. The club managed ambulance service extensively for the benefit of as many children homes in Kathmandu valley and outside
the valley.

14. In RY 2009-10 , Matching Grant # 73403, International Partner RC Leesburg, District-7610, Virginia, USA. MG Amount- USD 16,270.00. Recipient- Orphans of various Orphanage Homes under Nepal Children Organization, Naxal, Kathmandu. Type of Service - Check up /Treatment of Oral and dental problems including follow up of children- at- risk and awareness/advocacy workshop to Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV). Beneficiary - 50 orphans and 15 FCHVs. On behalf of the host club RC Kathmandu North, Kantipur Dental College and Teaching Hospital contributed USD 3500 to match for TRF Grant Allocation

15. In RY 2015-16, MG #1532880 , International Partner RC Misbourne Matins, England, District- MG Amount-USD 48321. The project aimed to establish and fully equip the primary health care center already established by the Nepal Trust-Yalbang at Yari Village of Muchu VDC ,Humla district, to facilitate that public health utility with dedicated birthing centre and also to recruit and train local staffs to upgrade their nursing and care skills.

16. In RY 2015-16 , two Swiss citizens, namely Mr Jurg Gunther and Ms Brigitte Werzinger,who had been supporting to run the Sundarijal Children Home, an orphanage, at Sundarijal VDC, proposed to the to the club for support in a project to built a permanent residence for that children home with their financial contribution of USD 85,000(US Dollar Eighty Five Thousand) . RCKN decided to undertake that project. The club has acquired land measuring 8.2 Aana of land at Sundarijal and has startedconstruction of a house there.

17.In RY 2016-17 Global Grant (GG) # 1747108 was initiated with International Partner RC Stowe, Vermont, RID- 7850 USA and Canada. GG Amount- USD 35000. This project has been approved and the club has started activities beginning from August . The aim of this project is to upgrade the existing library with additional books and shelves and train a librarian for proper management of the library, establishment of Resource Technology Center by providing necessary and reliable backups for electronic networks in the Shree Ram Secondary High School, Koshidekha , of Panchkhal Sub-Metropolitan
City Ward No- ,of Kavre District , Nepal. A team of volunteers comprised of expertise in library management and pedagogy will impart training to the library staff and teachers ofthe school in two alternate sessions.

18.Another big project is in the pipe line.GG#1532880, RC Wu Cu ,Taipeh, Taiwan,RID- 3490,capacity building of oral health education for vulnerable/disparity groups in Nepal, GG Amount USD 1,11,625. This GG program will support to set up one special need training center in Kathmandu, at Kantipur Dental College and Teaching Hospital and Research Center (KDCTHRC), one Community Center in Pokhara , branch of KDCTHRC and conduct a National pathfinder survey and case-control study based on World Health Organization Survey. The duration of this Humanitarian service project was proposed to begin from July 2017 to April 2020.As the scale of grant fund involved has been high, several technical details needed revision, and the process is taking more time. Now it is in the final stage.

19. RCKN had sponsored to form 4 Rotary Clubs namely RC Kathmandu West, at Kalimati and RC Balaju both in 2001, RC Charumati, covering Chabahil and Battisputali area, in 2002 and RC The Himalayan Gurkha Maharajganj in 2003 .It has also sponsored Rotaract Club of Kathmandu North, Interact Club of Budhanilkantha and RCC Sundarijal. In recent years Past Presidents of this club have been assigned to serve at District level in Rotary District 3292 Nepal and Bhutan.They have thus contributed to Rotary movement in Nepal and also have inspired the club to expand its leadership beyond the club level. The club has sponsored 4 Rotaract clubs (RtrC) under its wing. They are RtrC Kathmandu North with community based membership and other 3 are institution based, namely Rtrc Reliance College, Chabahil, RtrC Kantipur Dental Hospital, Basundhara, and RtrC Kathmandu Medical College,Sinamangal, It has also sponsored Rotary Community Corps (RCC) at Sundarijal and the process of organizing one Interact Club is in final phase.

20. At present the club has 38 active members including 1 female member. The average age of the members is 45. Although the club started with relatively aged professionals, in recent years, young professionals and entrepreneurs have joined the club. These young professionals would be instrumental in making the club effective in its community service initiatives as well as leading the club in more qualified manner. It is further emphasizes that the training and mentoring newer members is important, which prepares the members to be aware of Rotary values, the nature of resources available to carry out community services, application of individual's professional knowledge and enhance leadership skill in order to provide selfless service to the less fortunate and deprived fellow human being as a committed Rotarian.

21. The club now has been formally registered as a nonprofit motive service organization in Kathmandu District Administrative Office, Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu …..



A. RI GOAL FOR RY 2018/19

1. Support and Strengthen clubs:
(a) Achieve a net gain of 1 member.
(b) Maintain or improve club’s retention of members(90%)
(c) Achieve a net gain in female members
(d) Have at least 60 % of club members report their birth dates through My Rotary.
(e) Sponsor new club

2. Focus and increase humanitarian services:
(a) Sponsor Rotary community corps.
(b) Sponsor new Rotaract club.
(c) Increase members in service projects.
(d) Contribute at least $100 per member for annual fund.
(e) Conduct fund raising events and polio eradication awareness.
(f) Conduct international service project in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.

3. Enhancing public image and awareness:
(a) Use Rotary’s brand guidelines, templates.
(b) Talk with media about Rotary.
(c) Establish a partnership with private and public sectors.
(d) Sponsor RYLA


1. Support and Strengthen clubs:
(a) Achieve a net gain of 1 member.
(b) Maintain or improve club’s retention of members(90%)
(c) Achieve a net gain in female members
(d) Have at least 60 % of club members report their birth dates through My Rotary.
(e) Sponsor new club

2. Focus and increase humanitarian services:
(a) Sponsor Rotary community corps.
(b) Sponsor new Rotaract club.
(c) Increase members in service projects.
(d) Contribute at least $100 per member for annual fund.
(e) Conduct fund raising events and polio eradication awareness.
(f) Conduct international service project in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.
3. Enhancing public image and awareness:
(a) Use Rotary’s brand guidelines, templates. (b) Talk with media about Rotary. (c) Establish a
partnership with private and public sectors. (d) Sponsor RYLA


1. Support and Strengthen clubs:
(a) Increase in members upto 40.
(b) Each individual member’s participation in club service activities will be ensured & expect their active
(c) Contribution of happy news/events sharing of members.
(d) Banking and financial administration:
 Collection of full membership fee in the beginning of Rotary year.
 Collect Rs 5000/- from each member to cover expenses for organizing fellowship program to
conduct 25 th anniversary of club on 29 th Dec., 2018.
 Collect minimum of Rs 2000/- from each member for club permanent fund upto at least Rs
(e) Communication system & tools: SMS, Email, Call, Follow up
(f) Main agendas of BOD/RWM/Sub Committee meeting will be circulated to all members.
(g) All legal procedures will be completed in time.
(h) High priority in Participation in RI convention/District seminars & award ceremony.
(i) High priority in maintaining club administering procedures(monthly financial reporting, meeting
etiquettes to be maintained by St at arms etc).
(j) Sunshine collection amount will be transferred to permanent fund.

2. Focus and increase humanitarian services:
(a) Collect minimum of USD 10 from each member to contribute toward TRF.
(b) Proposing 100% PHF (at least USD 3500) to contribute toward TRF from club members.
(c) GG # 1747108 projects(Library & Resource Technology Center, Koshidekha ) will be updated and
reported to all concerned timely.
(d) GG # 1532880 projects(Capacity Building of oral health education for vulnerable/disparity groups
in Nepal ) will be updated and reported to all concerned timely.
(e) To continuation of construction of Rotary Guest House construction project at sundarijal this year.
(f) Continuation of support more for Shree Nepal Ghedung Primary School, Nuwakot.
(g) Initiation of Toilet construction project at Sundarijal.
(h) Continuation of support more for Jamunapur Community Building Construction project at
Ratnanagar Municipality- chitwan.

3. Enhancing public image and awareness:
(a) Ensure 100 percent registration in My Rotary website this year.
(b) Mobilization of Club webside/weekly club bulletin/souvenir
(c) New member will be subsidized 50 percent from club to encourage district seminars & event.
(d) Ex rotaractors will be subsidized 50 percent of membership fee to become new member

 D. Gallery of Club

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