Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

District: 3292, Club Number: 29915

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Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

Club Address: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Club Number: 29915
District Number: 3292
Chartered on: 29 Dec 1993
President: Rtn. Gautam Prasad Khanal
Secretary: Rtn. Ganesh Prasad Poudel
Meeting venue: Hotel Sangrila
Meeting day: Every Sunday, 5:30 PM (Winter), 4:30 PM (Summer)
Total Member: 37
Partner in Service: Rotract club of Kathmandu North, Rotract club of Kathmandu Medical College, Rotract club of Reliance College, Rotract club of Kantipur Dental College,Interact club of Orient College, RCC Sundarijal Kathmanu, RCC Kageshwori Manohara





Rajib Pokhrel

District Governor 2020-21

RI District 3292


Holger Knaack

President 2020-21

Rotary International

Rotary opens opportunities

Objectives and Programs of Rotary Club of Kathmandu North for RY-2020-21



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District 3292 Goal for RY 2020-21:

1. General
Setting of annual goal has been a regular phenomenon in modern organizations.

Rotary International, RI Districts and the Clubs set their annual as well as the long-term strategic goal in a regular basis. In an organization like Rotary where the leadership changes every year and the leader has to provide direction to his/her vision within the period, importance of “ goal setting “ is even higher.

Generally, the goal setting is a conscious process of establishing level of performance in order to obtain desire outcome and goal is the aim of an action or task. In Rotary we emphasize on goal setting mainly for the reason that – clearly defined and set goal, trigger our behavior towards actionable behavior, goal guide our focus, and once mind believes the body achieves. To make goal-setting effective we also need to set the structure that directs the action and behavior and improves the probable unsatisfactory performance and we normally set the
structure during the planning process.

The Goal of RID 3292- 2020/21 is the outcome of grass root observation, suggestions collected during the course of extensive club to club and the regional visits during the important District Assignments in the past and as the District Governor Nominee/Elect. It also reflects the orientation program organized for Governor Nominee, GETS, Extensive Interactions during the International Assembly, Vision and the yearly theme of the RI President and his expectations.

Our expectation is – the team we have formed is capable of taking the charge; Assistant Governors and the Committee Chairs in the District team are committed to provide the necessary support to the clubs, the District team and the Club Presidents have the requisite ability, energy, persistence in achieving the goal and are fully committed to the cause of Rotary, in the end, that positive energy will take us to the goal.

2. District Goal

2.1 Administrative Goals:

  1. Promote RI Presidents theme 2020/21 “ ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES” and “CITATIONS” like “TRAILBLAZERS” with the mindset of “TOGETHER WE CAN’
  2. Continue to support The Rotary International President’s goal to GROW ROTARY through SUSTAINABLE GROWTH
  3. Work Closely with Regional Committees to support clubs.
  4. Two Advisory Committee Meetings.
  5. Four Governors Council meetings including one retreat.
  6. Six Administrative council meetings.
  7. Six Assistant Governors meeting
  8. Mobilize Assistant Governors to ensure all clubs set their goals and achievements in “Rotary Club Central”
  9. Publish District Directory, and District Governors Calendar of important events.
  10. With the help of the Assistant Governors mobilize “Club Strengthening District Support Committee” to find out the weaknesses of clubs and strengthen them accordingly.
  11. 13th District Conference in Sauraha, Chitwan.
  12. District Award/Recognition Ceremony.
  13. Publish Governor’s monthly letter
  14. Facilitate clubs to register and renew with the local authority (CDO)
  15. Encourage all the clubs to prepare Strategic Planning Guide and implement them by holding at least two strategic planning meetings.
  16. Organize at least five RYLAs in different Regions.

2.2 Goals on Membership

  1. Promote at least seven new clubs after evaluating the sustainability and strength.
  2. Promote Satellite Clubs.
  3. Achieve net growth of 500 members by encouraging clubs to induct at least 25 % or more of its members to be of 40 years of age or less & at least 20% women.
  4. Encourage women to open women only club & Rotaracts to open Rotaracts only club.
  5. Maintain 90% retention rate.
  6. Minimum number of members in a club to be maintained at 25.
  7. Promote Diversity in membership for sustainable growth.
  8. Priority in increasing the percentage of women membership.
  9. Membership Development & New Members Orientation program in the regions.
  10. Organize Rota Quiz in all the Zones, Regions with the final to be held at the District Conference to enhance Rotary knowledge among the members.
  11. Encourage and facilitate clubs to receive Presidential Citation.

2.3 Goals on Service Project

  1. Process and work for Global Grant projects in every Club in Six Areas of Focus.
  2. Encourage small and new clubs for obtaining District Grant.
  3. Achieve at least one small scale community-based projects or events in six areas of focus in every club.
  4. Conduct Regional multi-club significant service projects in all the regions.
  5. Encourage clubs to rebuild the school damaged by the 2015 Earthquake through ERRRP.
  6. Conduct Regional Service Project Seminar and workshop to enhance the project handling capacity of the clubs.
  7. Encourage clubs to sponsor RCC.
  8. Sponsor or Co-sponsor new Rotaract or Interact Clubs.
  9. Encourage clubs to adopt at least one school and implement TEACH model to address “ Quality Education for all”.
  10. Encourage clubs to work for CSR initiatives and Global Grant for Education.
  11. Vocational Excellence Award: Gopal Kamala Rajbhandary Vocational Excellence Award.

2.4 Goals for The Rotary Foundation

  1. Total TRF contribution of US$ 1000,000
    • Annual Fund – US$ 200,000
    • Restricted Polio – US$ 710,000
    • Term Gift – US$ 90,000
  2. Encourage clubs to work for CSR initiative and Global Grant for Education.
  3. Motivate and encourage clubs to add- PHF, MPHF, PHS, Major Donor, and AKS Members
  4. Special attention on regular giving program like- PHSM, PHS, and EREY.
  5. Special recognition program for AKS, Major Donor and PHS contributors.
  6. TRF Seminar in Kathmandu and at least in seven other regions.
  7. Grant Management Seminar to make every club qualified for Grant.
  8. Stewardship Seminar to improve the stewardship of the Global Grant project.
  9. Improve the overall reporting status of Global Grant projects.
  10. Administer the Global Grant Application closely to minimize the rejection from TRF.
  11. Encourage all clubs to have their own “FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PLAN”.
  12. Ensure the best use of the District Designated Fund.
  13. Increase the number of contributing clubs and the members through the promotion of “Small Gifts”
  14. Encourage and Facilitate maximum numbers of clubs to receive Presidential Citation.
  15. Encourage Clubs to promote/participate in Polio Plus Programs including a donation to PolioPlus Fund to achieve goals of US$ 50 million per year of Rotary thereby supporting End PolioNow: Countdown to History Campaign.
  16. Continue to encourage clubs to work for COVID 19 through club projects and through Global Grant projects.

2.5 Goals on Public Image:

  1. Organize Walkathon on Rotary Day and World Polio Day,
  2. Public Image Seminar to promote The Four-Way Test including one on World Ethics Day.
  3. Rotary-Non Rotary Seminar at least two.
  4. Constant Visual Identity in the Club meeting area and Clubs projects site.
  5. Encourage clubs to appoint media partners.
  6. District to promote media panel.
  7. Encourage media tour to Service projects
  8. Journo Award to be promoted.
  9. Encourage maximum numbers of clubs to receive Presidential Citation.
  10. Inform the community through RCC about Rotary Clubs’ activities to build awareness and credibility.
  11. Speak to clubs about the importance of public relations including developing and updating websites & social media.
  12. Ensure the district website is updated through the webmaster and content editor.
  13. Help clubs to create and promote club website through their page on the club runner multi-district website.
  14. Encourage clubs to highlight Rotary emblem in public places.
  15. Encourage Rotarians to share district and club stories via media.
  16. Encourage clubs to report their achievements to the District public image committee via email.

3. Other Goals

3.1 Capacity Building:

  1. Formation of Training faculty in the Centre & regional basis with the Theme “Rotary At Your Doorstep” so that clubs are provided required training programs in their own clubs.
  2. Conduct Training Of Trainers (TOT)
  3. Structure Training program to be conducted before July 2020 ( In-Person or Virtual)
    a. District Team Training Seminar (DTTS)
    b. Assistant Governors Training Seminar (AGTS)
    c. President-Elect Training Seminar ( PETS)
    d. District Training Assembly ( DTA)
    e. Grant Management Seminar/ Leadership Seminar.
  4. Membership Seminar at Central and at all the seven regions.
  5. Rotary Foundation Seminar at Central and all the Seven regions.
  6. Stewardship Seminar in the regional level.
  7. Other Regional level trainings as per requirement.
  8. District and club goal setting for the year before July 2020.
  9. Strengthen the District Information Management System by setting an information management unit.
  10. Improve and upgrade the District website & Palm Rotary
  11. Strengthen library and establish archives.
  12. Strengthen District secretariat by administrative reform and necessary equipments.
  13. Clubs will be encouraged to go paperless by submitting their club reports electronically to Assistant Governors and the District Governors team during Governors Club Visit.

3.2 Miscellaneous Goals:

  1. Promote Youth Exchange Program (outbound & inbound.)
  2. Organize Rotary Rotaract interaction Programme.
  3. Organize National Literacy Seminar.
  4. Intercity Meeting in each of the six areas of focus.
  5. Establish International relations with the District in other countries and other multinational agencies.
  6. Promote and garner support for the 13th District Conference, Sauraha, Chitwan on 19-21 February 2021.
  7. Promote RI Convention in Taipai, Taiwan. 2020.
  8. Encourage Troika and work closely with DGE, DGN, to enhance teamwork, smooth transition, and continuity.
  9. Encourage Clubs to set simple & Effective program against Global Warming & Climate Change.
  10. Promote “Waste Free Nepal” campaign.
  11. Every Club to plant at least 200 trees and call the third week of July as “ Planting Tree Week”.
  12. Clubs to start an awareness program to discourage people from using plastic bags.
  13. Clubs to do projects to distribute non-plastic bags where it is required.
  14. As Rotary has done so many Dialysis projects it is very important that we encourage clubs to start campaigns on Healthy Kidneys.
  15. Promote campaign for “Prevention of Addiction to electronic devices”
  16. Promote “Positive Health” Campaign. Keeping everyone away from non-communicable diseases.

4. Strategy for Achieving the Set Goal

  1. Within the framework of the Rotary District committee setup, a Regional structure has been established to support clubs with more effective District support to enhance the capacity of the clubs. The regional committees in consultation with the Regional Administrative Council (RAC) will plan and implement the capacity enhancement efforts in Membership, The Rotary Foundation, Public Image and in Leadership
  2. Regional TRF seminar and Service Project Seminar will be conducted in order to enhance knowledge of the Foundation and its scope, the capacity of the clubs on developing and implementing community-based service project that can create lasting and larger impacts under Global Grant.
  3. Community Need Assessment system and its effective utilization will be encouraged for the Global Grant projects.
  4. To increase humanitarian service effort, diversification of the funding will be explored through CSR initiative, NGO/INGO, and local government along with the Global Grant.
  5. A list of our supporters in media partnership will be published in the District Directory to encourage appointing media partners by every clubs. This will provide extra mileage to enhance public image of Rotary.
  6. Special Events like Walkathon and world Ethics Day will have positive image of Rotary in the society.
  7. A special initiative will be encouraged to involve clubs in utilizing the networking advantage of Rotary and the Program of The Rotary Foundation while encouraging them towards attaining the goal of the Clubs and that of RI District 3292. Such program will be focused on the result and certain budgetary provision will be
    made for the initiative.


Club Goal for RY 2020-21:

Main objective of this RY is to develop fellowship, engagement & integration in the club.As per the RI theme ‘Rotary Open Opportunities’ Lets create enourmous opportunities ourselves in our professions and in our community

1. Support and Strengthen Clubs

  1. Increase club membership to 40.
  2. Maintain or improve club’s retention of members (90%)
  3. Achieve a net gain in female members-at least 3members
  4. Sponsor new Interact club/Sponsor RCC in Jamunapur
  5. Engage each member in all club activities.
  6. Enhance knowledge capacity and skills of each member based on classification
  7. Contribution of happy news/events sharing of members.
  8. Sponsor a Youth Exchange student or RYLA participant

2. Club Administration

  1. To Promote RI president’s theme 2020/21 “Rotary Opens Opportunities”, TRAILBLAZER with the mind set of TOGETHER WE CAN.
  2. To continue to support RI president’s goal to grow Rotary through sustainable growth
  3. To ensure 100% Registration in My Rotary website this year.
  4. To check our club health through member satisfaction survey two times a year.
  5. Special Fellowships in club at least one in a month at WRM.
  6. Talks program by national or international speaker and classification talks 6 times in a year.
  7. To participate in Rota quiz, award program organized by District.
  8. More than 10 members will participate in 13th District conference 19,20,21 Feb.2021 in Sauraha chitwan.
  9. More than 4 members will attend RI convention in Taipei, Taiwan 2021
  10. Clubs will continue registering with the local authorities: CDO office, Municipality, Council of welfare (Samajkalyan) etc.
  11. The club will organize family picnic in a year.
  12. To sharing financial reports to members in quartly basics from club treasurer.

3. Membership

  1. Club will have net growth of at least 5 members by 30th June   2021 and at least 40 % women.
  2. Encourage spouses to become Rotarians.
  3. To maintain 95 % retention rate.
  4. To conduct membership development program and orientation program for new members by District trainer.
  5. To engage each member in club activities and share knowledge among the members.
  6. To encourage new members to participate in District events.
  7. To encourage Rotracts to become Rotarian, club will subsidize on membership fee by 50%.
  8. Assign club members to visit other club and share their own club profile to be familiar with other clubs.

4. Service project

  1. To work in at least one new Global Grant project in club within the six focus areas.
  2. To work in at least one District grant project within the six focus areas.
  3. At least in one community school will implement TEACH model to address QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL.
  4. To work CSR activities with other public limited companies.
  5. To promote service in partnership with Rotaract, interact and RCC.
  6. To distribute warm clothes and educational materials in community school.
  7. To support community school, library, literacy, water and sanitation by District grant.
  8. Health check up camp, oral hygiene/general camp for more than 1000 people within and out of valley.
  9. A blood donation program by the help of Rotaracts.
  10. Vocational training, counseling to teachers/ students/ parents and MC training.
  11. To complete E- library set up in community service center at Jamunapur chitwan.
  12. Plantations of 200 plants in community at the third week of July,2021,marking it as “planting trees week”.
  13. SISF Advocacies.

5. Public Image

  1. To encourage at least one media person for being new member of club.
  2. To worktogether with at least one print media and one online media company for Rotary barnd promotion.
  3. Rotary emblems will be placed in all Rotarians' vehicles.
  4. To publish club activities through website, weekly bulletin, online and souvenir.
  5. Encourage members to receive presidential citation.
  6. Put a 4 way test signage in one location.
  7. The club will install Rotary wheel and hoarding board regarding rotary and its activities.
  8. The club shares its activities to district and Rotarians via multi media.The club reports its activities and achievements to district public image committee via mail.
  9. Rotary awareness and advocacy wherever we go.
  10. To provide support to RYLA for 6 persons.
  11. The club will participate to walkthon on Roraty day and world polio day organize by District.
  12. To built the relation with local governmentat the local level to carry out the project in an effective manner.
  13. To do some vocational training for the needy people to create self employment.
  14. To assign some members to visit some local clubs to work out for the project.

6. The Rotary Foundation

  1. To provide support to polio plus program.
  2. Motivate and encourage members to become a total PHF club. Proposing 100 % PHF (at least USD   .....350...     ) to contribute towards TRF from club members.
  3. Add 4 MPHF and 1 PHS member.
  4. To contribute USD 10 to SIS fund
  5. Contribute at least USD 25 each member in each for TRF ,annual fund.
  6. At least 1 major donor.
  7. To participate Training Assembly/ District events etc.
  8. To participate in district conference in sauraha chitwan more than 12 members .
  9. To participate of more than 4 members in RI convention in Taipei, Taiwan and regional conference.
  10. To participate in TRF Grant seminar and stewardship meeting.


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