Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

District: 3292, Club Number: 29915

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Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

Club Address: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Club Number: 29915
District Number: 3292
Chartered on: 29 Dec 1993
President: Rtn. Subash Ghimire
Secretary: Rtn. Rajesh Karki
Meeting venue: Shankar Hotel Lainchaur Kathmandu
Meeting day: Every Sunday, 5:30 PM (Summer), 4:30 PM (Winter)
Total Member: 40
Partner in Service: Rotaract club of Kathmandu North, Rotaract club of Kathmandu Medical College, Rotaract club of Reliance College, Rotaract club of Kantipur Dental College, Interact club of Orient College, RCC Sundarijal Kathmandu, RCC Kageshwori Manohara



Rtn. Rajendra Pd. Dhoju

District Governor 2023-24

RI District 3292


R. Gordon R. McInally

President 2023-24

Rotary International

Create Hope in the World

Objectives and Programs of Rotary Club of Kathmandu North for RY-2023-24


RI President

Rotary International 3292 Goal for RY 2023-24

 RI Plan


District 3292 Goals for RY 2023-24

Setting of annual goal has been a regular phenomenon in modern organizations. Rotary Incapable of taking the charge; Assistant Governors and the Committee Chairs in the District team are committed to provide necessary support to the clubs, the District team and the Club Presidents have the requisite ability, energy, persistence in achieving the goal and are fully committed to the cause of Rotary, at the end, those positive energy will take us to the goal.

2. District Goal

2.1 Administrative Goals:
• Create a Rotary and Rotaract Alumuni
• Formation of at least 20 new Clubs
• Encourage all Members to enroll in My Rotary
• Review Club annual plans and by laws
• Clubs to streamline fi nancial plans including Budget and Audit
• Each Club to have a Strategic plan and implement
• 14th District Conference at Jhapa, East Nepal

2.2 Goals on Membership
• Each one. Try to bring one and more
• Retention target 95 -100 %
• Lady Members 20 – 25 %
• Minimum 1000 new Members
• Clubs to use online tools to support Membership growth and retention

2.3 Goals on Public Image
• Each Club to enhance Public Image and awareness through visual identity by hoarding
boards in their respective areas, Project sites and public events
• Conducting Marathons, Walkathons, photo exhibitions, Polio drive, ICM Seminars and
Workshops on areas of focus with Rotarians and non-Rotarians participation
• Engaging Media partners in Rotary’s humanitarian service creating an impact in the
• Extensive use of social media platforms to promote and highlight Rotary’s activities
and achievements in alliance with Rotaracts
• Upgrade the District’s website and mobile app
• Enhance the system of recognizing Rotarians for their selfl ess eff ort and commitment
to Rotary’s core values

2.4 Goals on Service Projects
• Carry out 30 Global Grants
• Encourage active Clubs to partner and inspire other Clubs in GG Projects
• District Grants to focus in health sector
• 7 RYLA and ICMs in all 7 Regions
• RCC Conference
• Signature Project in Health sector partnering Rotaracts and Interacts

2.5 Goals for The Rotary Foundation
• Annual Giving $ 25 minimum per Member
• Polio plus $ 50 per Club
• Minimum new 10 Clubs to make all Members PHF and encourage PHF Members to become MPHF
• PHF 600 Members
• PHS additional new 100 Members to the already existing PHS
• Major Donor Level 4: 4 Members
• Major Donor Level Level 3: 5 Members
• Major Donor Level Level 2: 10
• Major: Donor 30
• AKS: 2 Members
• Total TRF contribution over $ 1.5 million

3. Other Goals
• All Clubs encouraged to participate and be eligible for Rotary Citation
• Empowering Girls: from teaching self-defense techniques to back to school programs
and counseling to victims of violence and discrimination
• Each Club to plant around 500 trees. Site, species selection and monitoring will be
• Clubs to invite non Rotarians to participate in Rotary Day Service

RNLM Programs/Project Goals and Target for RY 2021-2022
(Assuming 150 Clubs/150 adopted Schools)

1. T-E-A-C-H

1.1 Teacher Support – 9000 nos.
• Teachers Trained in Child centered teaching and management skills
• Teachers trained on online classes
• Supply of educational materials and stationary for child friendly teaching
• HEP (Happiness Excellency Program)

1.2 E-Learning – 150 nos.
• Establish E-Learning Centers, if required
• Upgrade existing E- Learning Center
• Provide computers with teaching programs
1.3 Adult Literacy – 12000 nos.
• Promote, Identify and conduct Training
• Supplying Teaching Materials
• Training on income generation and skill development activities – 6000nos.

1.4 Child Development
• Health Checkup – 15000 nos.
• Stationary – 1500 nos.
• Uniform – 1500 nos.
• Re-admission of dropouts in adopted school – 1500 nos.

1.5 Happy School
• School Adoption – 150 nos.
• Science Laboratory – 150 nos.
• Library/Book Corner – 150 nos.
• Desk & Benches – 3000 nos.
• White/Black Boards – 1200 nos.
• Assembly/Play areas – 150 nos.
• Hygienic Toilets – 150 nos.
• Drinking Water Facility – 150 nos.
• Hand-wash Facility – 150 nos.
• Playground
• Boundary wall
• HEP (Happiness Excellency Program)
• Meditation/Yoga Programs

2. WinS (Water & Sanitation in Schools)

From needs assessment improve toilets and drinking water facilities
• Improve and build toilets for senior girls and handicap and teachers, as required
• Install proper drinking water facilities
• Training on cleanliness and hygiene

3. Back to School

Raise funds to support out of school children @ Rs. 6000/child through NGOs in Districts and CSR/Non Rotarian funding – 800 nos.


 rc president

Club Goal for RY 2023-24

Club Administration Committee
1. To continue to support RI President’s goals to grow Rotary: Diversity, Equity Inclusiveness
2. To check our club health through a members' satisfaction survey two times a year
3. Social fellowships in the club at least one in three months at WRM
4. Talk programs by speakers & classification talks 6 times a year
5. Participate in Rota Quiz, Award program & other programs organized by districts
6. More than 15 members will participate in the 15th District Conference Kathmandu
7. More than 8 members will participate in RI Convention Melbourne
8. To Maintain timely renewal at CDO, Tax, Municipality, Council of Welfare
9. Family picnic in a year
10. Financial report once a month
11. Maintain 60% attendance
12. Update by-laws
13. Publish Rotary weekly bulletin: Budhanilkantha

Membership Committee
1. Net growth at least 10% new member i-e- 6 members at least 50% of them women
2. To maintain 98% retention rate
3. To conduct a membership development program & orientation program for new members by the district trainer
4. Encourage spouse to become Rotarians
5. Assign club members to visit other clubs and share their own club profiles to be familiar with other clubs
6. Participate in district & International events, even will be encouraged to new member
7. To engage each member in club activities & share knowledge among the members.

Service Project Committee
1. To apply at least one Global Grant project in the club within the sixth focus areas
2. To work on at least one district Grant project within the sixth focus areas
3. One community school will implement the TEACH model to address Quality Education for all
4. To promote service in partnership with Rotaract, Interact & RCC
5. To distribute warm clothes & educational materials in community school
6. Health camp/Blood Donation Program/Tree Plantation
7. Vocational Training, counseling to teachers/students/parents & MC Training

Public Image Committee
1. Rotary emblems will be placed in all Rotarians' vehicles
2. To publish club activities and their stories through the website, weekly bulletin, souvenirs, online & social media
3. Circulate the weekly bulletin through email, social media
4. The club will participate in a walkathon on Rotary day & world polio day
5. The club shares its activities with the district & Rotarians via multimedia
6. To put 4-way test signage in 5 Location
7. To build the relation with local government at the local level to carry out the project in an effective manner
8. Tree Plantation

The Rotary Foundation Committee
1. To provide support to polio plus program
2. Implement at least one project with Global Grant every year
3. Encourage one major donor
4. Contribute at least $25 each year(100%) contributory club
5. To Encourage 4 PHF members and 2 MPHF member
6. To participate in TRF, Grant Management Seminar& Stewardship seminar
7. Educate members of the club about the Rotary Foundation


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