Rotary Club of Kathmandu North

District: 3292, Club Number: 29915

Message from the President


Dear Fellow Rotarians,


With an objective to get a social networking and a decision to serve, I joined the club and  started enjoying doing service through it.

Rotary opens opportunities  for ourselves in the community and in the world. In commensurate with the District Goals for RY 2020-21,  as President I have set following goals :


1.Ensure payments of applicable dues, payments  at the RI, District and concerned agencies.2. Ensure periodic registration and renewal of club at concerned official agencies.3. Ensure sharing of financial status of club to the members periodically. 4. Ensure completion of formal audit of club account in time.5. Publish bi-monthly club bulletin and Club Souvenir Magazine .6. Encourage as many members and newer members to participate in all District level events and particularly in the District Conference being organized in Sauraha, Chitawan and  in the RI Concention.7. Organise fellowship programs along with potential Rotary members and non- Rotarians.8. Ensure upgradation of club bylaws and club strategic plan.

Membership Avenue

1.Maintain 90% membership retention 2. Add 5 new members including 2 females. 3.Sponsor/ add one Interact club and one Rotary Community Corps . 4. Ensure organizing Membership Training/Orientation Seminar at club level and participation at District level trainings 5. Increase and maintain appropriate mentoring to designated club officers and new members by Past Presidents and designated mentors.6. Maintain timely reporting of membership status to the District and at RI. 7. Assign newer members to identify, plan  undertake, supervise  community services activities.

Service Projects

1.Ensure effectiveness and sustainability of service projects. 2. Ensure effective execution of Global Grant project and timely reporting. 3. Maintain appropriate interaction with various agencies for the successful operation of GGs. 3.Initiate effort to obtain CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) grants to fund community service projects.4.Encourage and lead Rotaracts, Interacts and RCC members for their active participation in club organized service projects.5. Support/fund above partners to organize community services.6. Encourage club members to provide money, time , resources, and expertise to carry out club service projects.7. Encourage members to initiate service projects in their communities and promote Rotary image in the society.8. Complete elibrary installation bid of the club at Jamunapur Help Society.

The Rotary Foundation

1.Maintain contribution to the TRF fund by the total members of the club. 2.Lead to increase TRF contribution recognition level of PHF  members. 3. Encourage newer members to contribute toward the TRF by advocating its significant for community services.4. Ensure proper operation and reporting of TRF funded Global Grant project.5. Obtain DDF (District Designated Fund) to support e-library project of the club . 6. Participate in Grant Management Seminar to maintain club qualification for Grant.7. Participate and provide fund in Polio Plus program.

Public Image

1.Participate in  Walkathon on Rotary Day and World Polio Day.2. Organize Rotary-Non Rotary fellowship program. 3. Installation of Rotary signage  atJamunapur Help Society projects site. 4. Maintain coverage of project works by media .5. Inform the community through RCC about Rotary Clubs activities to build awareness 6. Ensure to maintain and updating of club  websites& social media.7. Report execution of service activities to the District for sharing in the Governor’s Monthly Letter (GML). 8. Maintain/upgrade   Rotary emblems ,signage and hoarding boards  posted at public places and project sites.


Rtn. Gautam Prasad Khanal


RY 2020-21



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